pressure vessel

Our company provides various models of filtration and separation equipment. Suitable for industries such as oil fields, shipbuilding, oil depots, asphalt depots, refineries, chemical plants, power plants, machinery, food and medicine, and natural gas.

Pipeline equipment

Due to its excellent performance, high cleaning efficiency, convenient maintenance and use, as well as the sensitivity and reliability of detection and positioning equipment, high positioning accuracy, good completeness, and wide application, electronic pipeline cleaners have become indispensable instruments and equipment in pipeline construction, maintenance, and production management.


Skid mounted equipment

The filter separator sled is suitable for natural gas transmission and distribution systems in natural gas processing stations, gas gathering stations, and urban natural gas pipelines. It is mainly equipped with filter separators, local and remote liquid level gauges, differential pressure transmitters, manual and automatic safety vent valves, sled seat steel frames, on-site explosion-proof electrical (instrument) junction boxes, metering controllers, etc., which are easy to transport and install on site.

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