Pipeline Equipment

   The electronic positioning pipeline detection and internal coating complete cleaning equipment produced by our company has the characteristics of strong passing ability, significant cleaning effect, and convenient use. By using it, the pipeline transportation capacity can be significantly improved and the service life can be extended. It is an essential product for pipeline cleaning, maintenance, and acceptance.
  1. Pig cleaner
  Pipeline cleaning cannot be separated from pipeline cleaners, and pipeline cleaning operations have become an important component of pipeline construction and operation. Select different series of cleaning tools based on the specific situation of the pipeline and the purpose of cleaning. The cleaning device carries an electronic transmitter to form an elastic seal between the cup and the inner wall of the pipeline. Under the pressure difference generated by the pipeline medium, it runs along the pipeline and relies on the cleaning device itself and its equipment to squeeze, scrape, and flush to remove scale, wax, and sediment (impurities) inside the pipeline. During the operation of the pipeline cleaner, the electronic transmitter continuously sends out pulse signals, so that the ground instrument can receive them, enabling the operator to understand the operation of the pipeline cleaner in the pipeline, achieving effective connection between the pipeline cleaner and the ground receiving instrument and monitoring personnel, providing accurate and reliable guarantees for safe operation.
  2. Supporting electronic tracking and monitoring instrument
  The complete set of cleaning equipment and electronic detection positioning instruments can not only establish effective connections between information in underground pipelines and the ground, but also have the following functions:
  (1) Maintain the effective throughput and transportation performance of the pipeline;
  (2) Reduce pipe wall corrosion;
  (3) Check the roundness of the new pipeline, inspect the construction quality, remove weld nodules, and remove water after water pressure testing to ensure smooth and unobstructed pipeline operation;
  (4) Clean all kinds of dirt inside the pipeline before it is put into operation;
  (5) Isolate different types of media;
  (6) Various special purposes, such as flow meter positioning, pipeline inner wall coating, etc.
  Due to its excellent performance, high cleaning efficiency, convenient maintenance and use, as well as the sensitivity and reliability of detection and positioning equipment, high positioning accuracy, good completeness, and wide application, electronic pipeline cleaners have become indispensable instruments and equipment in pipeline construction, maintenance, and production management. During long-distance pipeline cleaning and cleaning, the receiver and indicator can monitor and track the operation status of the pipeline cleaner at any time.
  3. Cleaning trolley
  4. Flow chart and explanation of the cleaning process system


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