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Shenyang Yongye Industry Co., Ltd , founded in 1993

Shenyang Yongye Industry Co., Ltd , founded in 1993, the company’s registered capital is RMB 100 million and has 275 people.and is an influential company what specializes in special equipment, pipeline subsidiary devices, pipeline cleaning, testing and maintenance technology in domestic oil and petrochemical industry. Products are in a leading position in the domestic industry. The Company covers land area of 20,000 m² and structure area of 12,000 m², has a dedicated manufacturing sites and warehouses, which fully meets the demand in the professional production of various kinds of products.

Registered Capital Is RMB 100 Million

The company’s registered capital is RMB 100 million and has 275 people. There are 15 senior engineers, 35 engineers, 15 assistant engineers. The company has the capability of developing, designing, manufacturing and processing all kinds of special equipment required by petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, defense, aerospace, equipment manufacturing and ship platform. Especially in the nickel copper alloy, pipeline intelligent pigging equipment research, development and production and pigging construction technology. The company's various processing, testing equipment is complete, the technical performance indicators of various products have reached the domestic advanced level.
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Shenyang Yongye Industry Co.,Ltd

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1204, World Financial Center, No. 41, Beizhan Yi Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang

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No.11, Central Road, Yilu Industrial zone, Xintaizi Town, Tieling County, Tieling Liaoning

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