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LNG Skid Station

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Advantage 1
Skid station has advantages in site selection, civil construction conditions and construction period. In urban built-up areas, skid stations can be easily selected and quickly installed.
(1)Skid stations can be setted up in builtting and inbuiltted gas stations and adopt the form of oil and gas joint construction
(2)Skid station can adapt to most of the bus parking lot, dispatching field, highway service area and other places.
(3)Skid station is especially suitable for the situation where there are few aerated vehicles in the early stage, the construction period is short and the land area can be expanded. At the beginning of the project, due to the lack of gas vehicles, the skid station was considered to be used. Once the filling vehicle is saturated, the storage skids can be removed and expanded into a regular station, while the electric automatic skids and gas skids can be left to continue to serve the regular station. This can achieve better economic benefits, more conducive to the promotion of the project.
Advantage 2
(1)Because each skid block of LNG skid station is prefabricated by the factory, the production and inspection process can be effectively controlled, so its overall quality performance is good and safety performance is guaranteed.
(2)By setting low temperature alarm device and combustible gas leakage alarm device at easy leakage points (such as the valve operation area and the filling and storage pipe), detect and monitor the easy leakage points. Once there is a leak, the alarm sounds and lights , so that the staff found the leak in the first time, so as to ensure that timely safety measures are taken.
(3)Set the emergency cut-off device, once the abnormal situation is monitored, the system will automatically cut off the emergency, to ensure that the accident will not spread and spread.
(4)For skid stations, once the liquid leaks, how to control the spread of the accident and control the LNG within the minimum range is a big problem. Through the analysis of the characteristics of LNG, the structure of storage and irrigation, and auxiliary safety facilities, it is determined to set the liquid collecting tank below the storage and irrigation contact of the storage skid, and set the diversion ditch around. The leakage of LNG can be minimized by channeling the leaking LNG through the collecting tank and diversion channel to the collecting tank located outside the storage skid and covered by high-expansion foam. The specific reasons for this setting are as follows: a.  the density of LNG or low-temperature gas (below -110 ℃) is greater than the density of ambient air, and deposits to low-lying places after leakage. b. The frequent location of accidents is generally at the interface of the equipment, because there are many welding points at the interface of the equipment, which is easy to produce stress concentration. In fact, several accidents in the country have occurred at equipment interfaces. c. Leaking LNG collected in the sump pool is easily covered with high-expansion foam. It can be seen that the installation of liquid collecting tank, diversion ditch and liquid collecting tank in skid station can play the role of cofferdam installation in conventional LNG stations.
Advantage 3
(1)Independent skid block works as a basic unit, each skid block prefabricated into independent products in the factory.
(2)The connection between the skid blocks only needs to be carried out through pipelines at the site, and fire construction is not considered in principle.
(3)The base of each skid block adopts the overall steel frame base, and the site installation only needs to be placed on the pre-constructed concrete foundation, and the expansion bolt is fixed. Aerator skid shall be provided with a canopy.
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