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Skid Of Receiver And Launcher
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Skid Of Receiver And Launcher

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Product description of receiver and launcher
Pigging receiver and launcher are important equipment for transmitting and receiving pigging equipment in pigging sweep operation.
Pig receiver and launcher are mainly composed of fast opening blind flange, barrel body, reducer, saddle bearing, ball indicator, process and instrument, etc. The skid-mounted pipe pigging and receiving and serving barrel device consists of a skid, a receiving and serving barrel, a medium inlet and outlet pipe, a sewage pipe and an emptying pipe. The characteristics of the device are that the receiving and serving barrel is connected with the medium inlet and outlet pipe, the sewage pipe, the receiving and serving barrel, the medium inlet and outlet pipe, and the sewage pipe are fixed on the base of the skid.
Working principle:
With the flow of the original medium in the pipeline as the driving force, the pig is pushed to start the pig in the launcher to run in the pipeline, so as to achieve the purpose of pipeline cleaning or inspection. The ball receiver shall be equipped with a pass ball indicator to monitor whether the pig has been successfully received into the ball receiver to ensure safe operation. The fast opening blind flange can realize the function of fast opening and closing of receiver and launcher, which can greatly improve work efficiency and save working time.
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