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Metering Separator Skid
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Metering Separator Skid

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Metering Separator Skid
Horizontal three-phase metering separator is equipped with automatic control of gas pressure, gas-oil interface and oil-water interface, mounted on special skid for oil field. The unit is equipped with a complete manifold system, easy to operate, including bypass lines and oil, gas and water interconnection manifoles. all manifoles are connected by skid.The collision-proof outer frame is removable.
Principle of separator :
Three-phase horizontal separator uses the principle of gravity separation to separate oil, gas and water three-phase. The upper part of the inner chamber of the separator is a gas chamber, and the outlet of the gas is on the upper part; The weir plate forms the lower part of the container into an oil chamber and a water chamber, and the fluid entering the separator first reaches the upper part of the water chamber. Under the action of gravity, the bottom part is water, and above the water is oil, and the space above the oil is natural gas. The height of the weir plate is set at 1/2 of the container height at the factory, so in the process of working, we should ensure that the water level is lower than the height of the weir plate, and the oil level is the highest at 3/4 of the level gauge. The oil on the water will overflow the weir plate and enter the oil chamber, which is the working principle of the separator.
Principle of measurement:
Natural gas is measured using a orifice flowmeter and can be calculated manually using the records on the Barton recorder or automatically with a data acquisition system.
Oil and water metering, the use of turbine flowmeter, turbine flowmeter installed on the flow display, can directly read the data, but also can be connected with the data acquisition system, the flow data to the data acquisition system.
The pressure of the separator is adjusted by the back pressure control system on the gas pipe line, and the oil and water level is adjusted by the level control system.
The measuring skid consists of the following parts:
1、Separator container and internal components
2、Gas path control and metering system
3、Oil control and metering system
4、Waterway control and metering system
5、Security system
6、Instrument air system
7、Import and export bypass manifold
8、Crude oil shrinkage tester
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