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New type electronic positioning launcher(YY-DFS-II)
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New type electronic positioning launcher(YY-DFS-II)

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The new type electronic positioning launcher(YY-DFS-II) is independently developed by our company on the basis of YY-DFS-I transmitter. It is a national new patented technology product (Patent No. ZL 2013208012582), which continuously sends low-frequency pulse signal (23Hz) in the pigging process of pipeline. To indicate the running status of the pig in the pipeline. It has the characteristics of long use time, accurate transmission of information, simpler field operation, free from any signal interference from the outside world, and continuous transmission of signals in a balanced power mode, which fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of misinformation and missing information.

A new set of instrument for pipeline cleaning, detection and positioning-new type electronic positioning launcher
Main technical features:
(1)23HZ ultra-low frequency transmission is adopted, without any frequency offset in the pipeline.
(2)Suitable pipe diameter: DN50-DN2000
(3)Long continuous working time and long launching distance.
(4)The design of continuous uninterrupted signal transmission, fundamentally eliminate the interference generated by false alarm, false alarm.
(5)The balanced power mode is adopted to continuously send signals, and the signal power is not affected when the battery voltage drops.
(6)The storage capacitor is adopted, the battery is impacted and the signal is not interrupted.
(7)Shockproof dynamic circuit design, ensure stability and reliability, with strong shockproof and impact resistance performance.
(8)Use power supply to protect the circuit.
(9)With transmitting power circuit restart function.
(10)Battery compartment and transmitter integrated form, make full use of space, improve the launch time and distance.
(11)Double seal form, make the seal more reliable.
(12)Simple installation and convenient use.
(13)Simple installation and convenient use.
(14)Products can be customized according to user's special requirements, such as ultra-long distance and ultra-long launch time.
(15)Long service life.

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